World Jollof Rice Day | 2016


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Hey Guys!!!!

How was your weekend?

Did you miss our last post? Check it out  Abuja Cafes to work from.

It’s another World Jollof Rice Day. Check out last year’s edition World Jollof Rice Day | 2015.

We are doing something different this time around.

We are posting pictures of “art” made with Jollof Rice.

  1. Jollof for World Peace


2. Jollof that’s hotter than you


3. Typography


4. As a National Monument


5. Jollof Wars


Source: @ms_hanie

Worthy Mentions

  1. Jollof Sushi

2. Pigs in a blanket  Jollof in a blanket

Never Forget

Jamie Oliver’s version of Jollof Ricejollof-rice-header1

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Abuja Cafes to Work From


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Hey Guys!

It’s been a while (I know and I am sorry about that).

One of my goals for the second half of this year (see here) was to learn a new language.

I just started working towards achieving that goal. I have been learning French using this app called “Dulingo” and its been amazing. If you are interested in learning a new language, you should check it.

P.S.: If you want to learn Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and co you are not going to find it there o. LOL!

I am listing out cafes that I have been to in Abuja that you can pretty much work from if you want to avoid all the distractions working from the house brings and free wifi *winks*.

1. The Quarter Cafe

So The Quarter Cafe (a bourgeois boutique café) is one of my favorite cafes in Abuja. Remember our first Food & Game event – Shuffle (see here), it was held at The Quarter Cafe. The ambiance of this place is on point. The framed photographs and scented candles gives it an elegant atmosphere.

quarter cafe

Source: Ayamstuffed

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Gurara Waterfalls | Niger State


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Hey Guys!!!

Hope you had an awesome week? Well, I would be attending Eat Drink Festival at Fantasyland on Sunday (17th July).

Globe Jaunters Nigeria (@globejauntersnigeria) reporting live from Gurara Falls, Niger state.


Gurara waterfalls sits between Suleja and Minna in Nigeria State, about an hour’s drive from Abuja. The waterfall spans about 200 meters across and drops 30 meters below (The highest waterfall in West Africa is Owu Waterfalls located in Kwara State which spans about 200 meters across and drops 100 meters below).

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Johnny Rockets | Review


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Hey Guys!

How was the Sallah Break?

Mine was very eventful, I travelled to Abuja and I was able to visit friends and family.

This is my second time going to JR, but my friend had never been to JR before (and swears by Five Guys) so it was an opportunity to review it.

As I entered JR immediately felt like I had accidentally entered a time machine that transported me to the 50s-60s (Grease with John Travolta?). Everything from the tabletop jukeboxes, matching decor and their uniforms. We kept picking classic rock songs on the jukeboxes.


Tabletop Jukeboxe

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Picnic By The Beach Lagos!


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Hey Guys!

Happy New Month!

We have gotten to the second quarter of the year (so fast), time waits for no one.

Don’t forget to make time for your goals and bucket list.


Saturday, June 25th, Picnic N Events held their Official Picnic by The Beach edition and it was definitely one to remember…. Here i s



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Omu Resort | Lagos


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Hey Guys!!!!

It has been a while since my last post here.

I visited Olumo Rock in March here and Amarachi of Chapter One shared her experience at Idanre Hills with us here in April. I would be going to Idanre Hills next weekend courtesy of Truppr *excited much*.

I remember seeing the adverts by Social Prefect to Omu Resort on Instagram. Then I saw Tuke’s post on it here and I changed my mind last minute.


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The Ice Cream Factory | Review


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Hey Guys!!!

What’s your plan for the long weekend?

I am going on a tour to Omu Resort on Monday courtesy of the Social Prefect. See it out here.

I had written a post on a different restaurant but I mistakenly deleted the pictures so I had to write on something else then I remembered I had this post sitting in my draft.

So I won a free invite to EDL’s ICF Dessert Party in February and I total enjoyed myself. This was my first time ever at The Ice Cream Factory, I stay in Lekki and I pass it everyday on my way to work but never went in.

Apple Crumble

It had cinnamon in it which I totally loved but it felt like I was taking granola with apple and ice cream.


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#SadesDaycation is an opportunity to get away from the Lagos rat-race life and get some much needed R & R on the beach. So far, Sade’s Daycation has had one location – Atlanfriq Beach Resort – which is a really cool, quite picturesque spot. The idea is to experience something different from the norm, and restore lost mental and physical energy. It’s sort of like a picnic and camping trip (because you sleep in tents) rolled up in one. And you get to meet some great people!

The third @SadesDaycation was over this past weekend and it was lit! We carpooled and then we all met up at Mega Chicken, Ajah. After a quick meet-and-greet and a stop to buy liquor, we headed out. The beach is after the Eleko Beach junction, so it’s a little far but going with other people made the trip actually a bit of fun. It was also a great opportunity to bond with the people we were going to share the experience with.

We finally made it to the beach! At this point we were all a little tired from sitting in cars for so long, but the cool sea breeze gave us life! It was a little awkward at first, as we were settling in and getting to know each other better.


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All hail Idanre Hills!


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Idanre Hills or Oke Idanre which means “On top of Idanre” is located in Idanre town, Ondo State. Idanre Hills was submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites tentative list in October 2007 by National Commission for Museums and Monuments

Unravelling Nigeria (remember the Olumo Rock Trip here) was organizing a weekend to Idanre Town (Idanre Hills) included. Although, I couldn’t go for the trip, Amarachi (a travel blogger who documents her journey here) went for the trip and she was able to document her experience for us.

When I received an e-mail from Unravelling Nigeria, notifying the site’s subscribers about an upcoming trip to Idanre, Ondo State, I knew that this wasn’t a trip I wanted to miss. Even though I was very excited about the thought of going on this tour, which incidentally happens to be my first group tour, I was equally nervous.

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